The “Hit List”

What is the “Hit List” you ask? It’s a listing of those institutions I would like to see go the way of the dinosaur. In my assessment, they have done more harm to humanity-at-large, and in particular the society in which I reside, than they have done good. I say institutions because despite the inevitable confusion that will ensue by my listing of certain names (celebrities and the like) on the list, I am referring not to the person whose name it is, but the empire built around the name and/or likeness of the individual.


I do not condone, endorse, suggest, or otherwise support physical violence and will severely frown upon your efforts to inflict any such thing upon the institutions herewithin listed. If you feel compelled to do something about the things listed here… I further compel you to seek peaceful modes of eradication, like boycotts. Free markets only work when you, the people, excercise your sovereign right to not buy something you don’t consider a value.

The List will continue to grow as institutions offend me, through bad service, bad products, or general stupidity.

The List:

Wells Fargo

Bank of America




Tyra Banks

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